Be Comfortable With These Hiking Socks


Best Hiking Socks are essential for keeping your feet not only comfortable but also dry while preventing blisters and hotspots. Most of the socks on this list are made with merino wool, the standard-bearer in performance outdoor apparel. While quality hiking socks may come at a higher price, they are durable enough for trail duty and made to last. If you’re on the hunt for the best hiking socks, consider the following options.

Choose the Best Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion

    • Darn Tough has taken the lead with its cozy seamless construction, high-quality merino wool, and a lifetime warranty, making it the best hiking socks. The Micro Crew Cushion features high-density knitting that creates excellent breathability and padding for any 3-season outdoor activity. The fit is super comfortable, too, and doesn’t bunch or create pressure points.
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REI Coolmax EcoMade Lightweight Tech Quarter

    • With their Coolmax EcoMade Lightweight Tech Quarter, REI Co-op offers the best hiking socks with a budget-friendly option to merino wool. Made with fabric assembled from recycled plastic bottles, these socks provide a soft next-to-skin experience without the typical environmental burden of polyester. They wick moisture well, too, making them an excellent choice for hot-weather adventures when you want decent support and cushioning.
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Smartwool PhD Outdoor Ultra-Light Mini

    • The ultra-light hiking sock is a perfect pair for warm-weather hiking, trail running, and casual use under your sneakers. With superb breathability, great fit, and a very comfortable feel, the Ultra-Light Mini is the best hiking sock when you don’t need serious cushioning. Smartwool also added Indestructawool to these socks for an extra boost in durability.
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CEP Trail Merino Mid Cut Compression

    • For long-distance peak-bagging, trekking, and other mileage-heavy pursuits, many backpackers and hikers turn to compression socks for the best hiking socks to help with overall support and improve blood flow. Even though the real efficacy of compression technology is debated, the combined snugness does help reduce fatigue over long distances. A leader in this category, the CEP comes with a wide range of sock options from hiking to skiing, running, cycling, and more. Their Trail Merino Mid Cut is a great pick for those who are looking for a supportive, calf-hugging design that gives an extra dose of security on the trail.
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Feetures Merino 10 Ultra-Light No Show

    • No-show designs like the Feetures Merino 10 Ultra-Light No Show socks are among the best hiking socks for their versatility and comfort. Perfect for light-and-fast missions, they provide excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for warm outings. With a moderate dose of merino, they resist odor better than synthetic socks, offering a great deal for those seeking lightweight and high-performance options.
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Wearing Best Hiking Socks will Give you Comfort

Investing in the Best Hiking Socks, like Darn Tough, REI Coolmax, Smartwool PhD, CEP Compression, and Feetures Merino 10, is essential for comfort, durability, and trail performance. Crafted with merino wool, these socks prevent blisters and hotspots, ensuring a lasting and satisfying outdoor experience.

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