Characteristics Of Hiking Shoes That You Need To Know


Adventures and outdoor activities have been part of other people’s lives. One of the best activities a person must experience his whole life is hiking. Before doing that, they need to learn the essential things to consider, like proper attire and shoes. Most of the time, hikers wear hiking boots and shoes to protect their feet against bruises, abrasion and to give traction during rough and slippery terrains. We highlighted the characteristics of hiking shoes if ever you want to consider going on a hike. It is best if you are aware of these characteristics to purchase the perfect one for you. Check them out now, and examine them before buying.

Hiking Boots Fit

The fit of your hiking boot is essential because it will not function well if it does not fit on you right. Choose hiking shoes that fit you to give you stability and support. It can also protect you from any injuries during hiking, plus you will be comfortable wearing them.

The Traction

Traction is an essential characteristic of a hiking shoe because it means you have resistance to slippage. During hiking, there is a high possibility of falling and slipping, so make sure you are ready. Buy shoes and boots that will provide you traction.


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Check if the hiking boot will provide you proper ventilation. It is best if the shoes will have sufficient ventilation when your feet are hot to avoid moisture. The moisture that did not escape may cause skin problems like infections, rashes, and blisters. Pick a washable and breathable one so your feet will not feel too hot. You can purchase a shoe made from knitted and not woven nylon mesh.


You can measure the durability of hiking shoes or boots through the terrains and weather conditions. Before you decide on purchasing one, make sure that you check the materials and technology used in the product. It is best to buy a leather hiking boot if you are hiking in rocky and rough terrain, plus it can last longer. You can examine the materials and traction design of the sole to check its durability while stitching and shoe bumpers of the boot should protect your feet. Check these things before deciding to pay it on the counter.


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Support And Stability

The stability of every hiking shoe is from correct inserts and appropriate designs. You have to learn how to examine a shoe or boot to determine how it can support your foot movements. When buying, try to squeeze the rear part. A firm and solid hiking boot or shoe can resist compression and twisting. Meaning to say you must purchase one that has stability and support to avoid accidents and any injuries.


You should feel comfortable in the shoes or boots you are wearing during hiking. The ideal microclimate inside your shoe is 29°C, with low relative humidity as well. It is best to prioritize keeping your feet dry and cool to avoid blisters forming. Most people can feel if their feet are comfortable in footwear or not.

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